At Shipping Costa Rica, we know that your biggest fear is having your cargo and personal items lost, stolen or damaged.

We offer optional cargo insurance for clients that want to add a little extra protection to their shipments.

We anticipate the best for all shipments but we prepare for the worst.  Speedy and appropriate reactions can likely costa rica shipping insuranceprotect against or reduce damages/losses to the cargo.

If you do suspect that your shipment has suffered damages the following will help expedite the claims process.

Immediately Advise Shipping Costa Rica in Writing of the Following:

  • Bill of Lading Number, Date and Place of Issuance
  • Container Number
  • Brief Description of the Alleged Damage/Loss
  • If You or Your Insurers Pan to Have a Surveyor Come to Inspect the Shipment

It is strongly recommended to consult with your Insurers how to best proceed.

It is your obligation to take all precautions to minimize further damage/loss – please consult with your surveyor

Keep all Documentation That May Assist in Evaluating the Damage:

  • Photos
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Videos
  • Etc….

We hope these hints prove helpful and assist you to better prevent/reduce losses.

Ask us about additional optional insurance if that is something you are interested in obtaining.

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