pallet shipping costa ricaFor many people filling an entire container with their household goods is not feasible.  You may only want to be sending a few items to get set up in Costa Rica or you may just sending the items you wish you had when you moved down to Costa Rica. If you need to ship ocean freight that is oversized, on pallets, or loose, you’ll probably need to use Shipping Costa Rica’s Less Than Container Load services.

We have to be honest we are only price competitive for about the volume of one pallet or more. If you have less than that we can point you in the direction of a couple of trusted small cargo shipping companies.

If you have a pallet or more then our team will be happy to get you a quote for your shipment. All we need to know is the estimated volume and weight of your shipment to get you a door to door quote.

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With many years of experience in Costa Rica shipping and less than container load services, we understand the logistics involved in transporting LCL goods..  Overseas shipping to Costa Rica for less than container load items involves extreme attention to detail.  It can require special rigging to safely secure the cargo, and equipment to individually load and unload shipping containers. You must pay close attention to exactly where the cargo is located at all times to  ensure that it is not lost during the transfer.

Our cargo services include  door to door service.  We will pick up your shipment at your point of origin and make sure that your bundled, palletized, crated, or loose less than a container load freight is transported safely and securely from pick up to delivery in Costa Rica.

Our Less Than Container Load services include:

  • Experience working with Costa Rica customs and other government agencies
  • Direct and personalized pick up and delivery of your freight, with door to door service from your point of origin to Costa Rica
  • Contacts with the necessary agencies for all required customs documents
  • Assurance that proper documentation stays with your freight during overseas shipping to guarantee delivery


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