Costa Rica Shipping – If you are moving to Costa Rica, you might get confused on the way to go, when it comes to bringing your car, or buy one in the host country. Before you plan to ship a car to Costa Rica or even plan to buy one on arrival, you need to know the internal working that determines the cost, as well as the regulation governing the motor industry. While a car offers extreme comfort, the cost of maintenance and running can be an obstacle for prospective owners.

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shipping-a-car-to-costa-ricaWhether you want to bring your car or buy one on arrival, it helps to identify the parts availability in the country. You do not need a car whose parts are not locally available or one that makes it hard to get expert technicians to fix when it breaks down. If your stay does not exceed 90 days, you are not eligible to pay import duties for the vehicle. However, Costa Rica vehicle shipping costs are likely to exceed the cost of renting a car.

A stay exceeding 90 days is considered a permanent relocation, making you eligible to pay import duties. The import tax for used cars ranges from 52% – 79 % of the total value of the car, hence the need to check the online calculator that gives the total tax. It calls for prior valuation for the car before setting out on a journey to Costa Rica. In addition to the tax, you are likely to part with a shipping cost of $500-$800, which covers transit from your state to the port of Caldera or Puerto Limon.

On arrival, the car needs to pass inspection requirements, which calls for you to pay for the Marchamo and obtain emission certificates. While some vehicle brands in the US are locally available in Costa Rica, some are not common, hence hard to get the parts and certification. Most warranties coming from the US remain invalid in Costa Rica, regardless of the condition of the car. With numerous shipping firms in Costa Rica and the US, bringing your vehicle should not be a challenge if the financial implication does not outweigh the benefits.

If you go for the second option, you need to get the right car that suits your needs and budget. Consider buying from reputable dealers and get a competent mechanic to inspect before purchase. Unlike the private sale, car dealers facilitate all the paperwork as you settle in the relatively new environment.

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