There is a common fear when moving to a foreign country: “what if I forget something that I need?” This article will be the opposite of what you expect; since you already think you need everything, I will tell you things you DON’T need to ship to Costa Rica.

Once you have your pile of must haves go through it to remove anything that hasn’t been needed in the last two shipping costa rica picmonths. If you haven’t used it it’s not needed right away. Leave it behind with a loved one or in storage and ship it later if you find you can’t live without it.

One thing you have to decide upon is if you want to pay almost double the price down here in Costa Rica or pay for shipping and paying taxes on certain items. Although it can be expensive to ship many items down here the end price of shipping can actually be less than buying it here.

Something you should not ship is medicines. Unless it’s something you need daily (which you should carry with you along with a prescription) I wouldn’t suggest shipping it. You can get generic versions of everything here, even for free with CAJA insurance. Many medications will be confiscated when officials look through your shipped boxes.

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Furniture, especially wooden furniture is cheap here. It’s also comfortable and beautifully detailed. Many materials get moldy from the humidity. For this reason, consider if you really want to ship the couches your grandmother left you!

Furniture, medicine, appliances, and things you haven’t used in months all fall under the category of what not to ship to Costa Rica. Save your money and enjoy the great furniture, free medicine, and tax free areas to shop in Costa Rica!