costa rica vehicle shipping1) How is My Vehicle Shipped to Costa Rica?

Your car can be shipped overseas in a container, or your car can be rolled on and off of the ship (“roll on roll off” or RO/RO transport). We’ll present you with all of your options so that you can make the best decision based on your specific needs and budget.

2) What is the Least Expensive Way to Ship my Vehicle to Costa Rica?

Container shipping is more expensive than RO/RO transport.

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3) Will I Have to Go Through Customs When I Ship My Vehicle Abroad?

Shipping Costa Rica will guide you through all that you need to know in terms of the customs process. Our customs brokers and agents are prepared to handle all of the details involved in shipping your vehicle to Costa Rica. There is very little that you will need to do other than fill out a few documents. We will take the vehicle all the way through the nationalization process in Costa Rica. 

4) Do I Have to Pay Import Taxes When My Vehicle Arrives in Costa Rica?

In order to nationalize the vehicle Costa Rica does require import taxes to be paid.  They can be delayed for 90 days if you take the vehicle on a tourist visa.  The taxes then will need to be paid within the 90 days to keep the vehicle on the road. Shipping Costa Rica will provide you with all the import-related information that you need to ship your vehicle into the country.

5) Should I Obtain Insurance for My Vehicle When I Ship It to Costa Rica?

We recommend insurance coverage for all your Costa Rica shipping cargo but it is not necessary. It does however make the claim process go easier if anything does happen. We offer insurance policies to cover  your vehicle and household items in the rare event that something happens during transport.

costa rica vehicle shipping 16) What Paperwork is Required for Me to Ship My Vehicle to Costa Rica?

  • A copy of your original car title, and if applicable, a letter from the lien holder.
  • A copy of your passport will be required for customs clearance
  • Sometimes a bill of sale is also needed.

Shipping Costa Rica will guide you through the process and make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork.

7) How Much Fuel Should Be in the Tank of My Vehicle When I Ship it To Costa Rica?

It is recommended that you leave no more than a quarter of a tank of gas in your vehicle.

8) Is There Any Additional Preparation that is Advisable Prior to Shipping my Vehicle to Costa Rica?

Prior to shipping your vehicle to Costa Rica, We Advise That You:

  • Wash and Clean Your Vehicle Both Inside & Out
  • Take Off Removable Luggage, Bike, and/or Ski Racks
  • Lower The Antenna.
  • Deactivate The Car Alarm.

9) What Type of Vehicle is Recommended to Ship to Costa Rica?
There is no one answer for this question but we tried to break down our thoughts on the topic in the article, What Kind of Vehicle Should I Bring to Costa Rica?

10) Is There a Limit to the Number of Vehicles That I am Able to Ship to Costa Rica?
For Costa Rica each person can only have one vehicle and one motorcycle under their name for a tourist permit but there is no limit on the number of nationalized vehicles that you can bring into the country. Shipping Costa Rica will advise you about vehicle-related restrictions if they apply to the type of vehicle that you plan on shipping into the country.

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