The below are helpful links when looking to possible ship your household items and/or vehicle to Costa Rica.


This site will tell you what approximately your vehicle import taxes will be and what the value of your vehicle is in Costa Rica Colones. – Spanish


This site will tell you about the mandatory vehicle insurance in Costa Rica. – Spanish

Riteve – Revisión Ténica

This site will tell you all about the Costa Rican Vehicle Inspection – Spanish

Registro Nacional – National Registryhelpful shipping links

This site is where all automobiles and land are registered in Costa Rica – Spanish

Exporting Information

These sites will tell you more about exporting your household good and vehicles.

Freight Forwarders

This is a list of freight forwarders for your to peruse.

Auto Prices in Costa Rica

These two sites will show you what vehicles are selling for in Costa Rica. – Spanish

Costa Rican Law

This sites will help you understand the laws in Costa Rica.

Exchange Rate (Tipo de Cambio)

This site will give you the $ to colon exchange rate. – Spanish

Compra – The amount that the bank buys the $ from you. If you give them $1 they will give you the number of colones in Compra.

Venta – The amount that the bank sells $s to you. If you want to exchange colones for $ you have to give them the number of colones in Venta and they will give you $1 – Exchange Calculator