Costa Rica Shipping – You probably are planning to move to Costa Rica, but do not know how to go about your property. You are not alone; most people tend to move in phases, which help deal with possessions. It starts with downsizing the valuables in the order of importance. You may not have to pack large luggage since you will get both the necessities and luxury items. However, the limited inventory in most of the local stores makes it hard to get what you need at affordable prices, making shipping to Costa Rica a viable option.

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costa-rica-shipping-1From electronic products to language books, lines, music, and movies, toiletries, vitamins, supplements, and cosmetics, you need to know the costs associated with importation, as well as the local prices. The chances are that you might need a few weeks supply from the US before settling for the local products. If you can bear Costa Rica shipping costs for the luggage, you can use the following means:

Air Cargo

A vast majority of the airlines provides airfreight services to those moving to Costa Rica. You can enjoy the duty-free import service for one item not exceeding $500 in value every six months. Extra goods attract import taxes and require an itemized list to declare their values. The rates of the airline vary based on your State’s proximity to Costa Rica.  

Checked Baggage

If you are keen on bringing a large volume of small items, consider the checked baggage. Used household items and personal items meant for personal use do not attract import duties. Most airlines permit travelers to plastic tubes and cardboard boxes for extra luggage. However, one needs to check with the airlines for the items allowed as checked baggage. Some of the items exempted from import taxes include clothing, sporting items, and musical instruments among others.

Shipping Containers

When it comes to bringing all your possessions to Costa Rica, shipping a container to the country is the ultimate solution. A standard shipping container measures 20-40 feet costs you $6000-$15,000 in delivery fees and import duties. You will take care of the packing and loading the container and the Costa Rica shipping company takes care of maritime transit, local customs, offloading and moving to your destination home. It takes normally 5 weeks to 2 months to get your valuables into the country.

Click to Get Your Free Costa Rica Shipping Guide