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Tips & Advice for Shipping to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shipping – Everyone wants to catch the stunning view of the sun rising over the sea, spend the entire lifetime doing yoga, surfing while enjoying the smooth taste of coconuts. The thought of enjoying your nap in a hammock, owning a jungle for the backyard and buying food from the farmers on the roadside takes you to Costa Rica. The country offers everything in its authentic form, different from what you get in the hectic city life. Before you think of packing your luggage, you need to learn a few thing, perhaps the moving process first.
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The Costa Rica Shipping Manifest

The moving process begins with a detailed analysis of quotes from moving companies, which leads to a few that suits the needs and the budget. In such a case, a local shipping company from Costa Rica with international coverage would be best suited to help you settle in a country you least know, as they understand the regulations. It helps to go beyond the quotations and seek referrals from people that could have used the services to Costa Rica.

Bonded Movers are mandated to pack, label each box with a code and include detailed descriptions of the items contained in the packages on the shipping manifest. You might find ut hard to communicate during the moving process if the staff can only speak Spanish as the first language. You might lose trust in their ability to factor your wishes even when they do everything right. You can avert the situation through hiring your crew that speaks your language or learn Spanish before the moving day.

Costa Rica Shipping Insurance Coverage

While the moving company provides a safety guarantee, it helps to insure the valuable against theft, damage and other calamities. The moving company ought not to restrict clients from insuring the property while on storage and transit. If you find it useful, you could choose from the following insurance covers:

* Basic insurance: the cover is based on the container shipment, paid for by the shipping company. It covers the entire load, hence no cost to the client. In the event of a whip wreck, you valuables are lost.

* By weight: the cover entails insuring for possible losses that could arise during transport and storage. It is quite extensive and hence expensive.

* Valued based cover: it covers the valuables based on the replacement value of […]

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Benefits & Cons of Importing a Car Into Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shipping – The craze about cars is growing at an exponential rate, yet nothing shows the possibility of a halt. Just like buying property, buying a car takes a toll on your financial reserves through import tax, maintenance, auto insurance program, fuel, repairs, and registration. Nevertheless, new cars are still hitting the poorly kept roads, with the hype reaching exceeding that of buying a home. The high cost of buying cars in Costa Rica drives the need to ship a car to Costa Rica. It starts with getting the right Costa Rica vehicle shipping before settling for a specific brand. If you did not know how to ship a car to Costa Rica, shipping Costa Rica offers professional yet reliable car and truck shipping.
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Several months ago, the great recession led to reduced car prices from car owners that needed to liquidate their cars for mortgage payments, rental expenditure, and food. To some people, it was time to drive a car at a relatively low price, oblivious of the numerous stories of despair and heartbreak. While the situations have shifted, a look at the US listings gives better deals than the local listings. Buyers than the need to buy used cars in Costa Rica are likely to consider the Craigslist listings, thanks to the affordable prices.

The Import Taxes

While the brands might look affordable, shipping and import duties are likely to eat on your budget, often limiting the buying capacity. If you are on the verge of importing a car into Costa Rica, be ready to pay an import tax of 52.29% if the car is three years old or more. While it was not the case a while ago, a new car means one below three years old, regardless of the mileage and physical condition.

Currently, the Treasury values the cars based on the make, engine, chassis, and accessories, disregarding the mechanical state of the car. Several attempts to restrict the importation of vehicles that range from 6-7 years have not seen the light of the day. However, incremental taxes require you to pay 63.91% for cars between 4-5 years and 79.03% for those exceeding the age. This is meant to curb the influx of clunkers that pose environmental risks and safety concerns. While importers can use the tax calculator, the Kelley Blue book is much simpler to calculate the costs.

The Emission […]

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Buying Versus Shipping To Costa Rica

Costa Rica Shipping – You probably are planning to move to Costa Rica, but do not know how to go about your property. You are not alone; most people tend to move in phases, which help deal with possessions. It starts with downsizing the valuables in the order of importance. You may not have to pack large luggage since you will get both the necessities and luxury items. However, the limited inventory in most of the local stores makes it hard to get what you need at affordable prices, making shipping to Costa Rica a viable option.
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From electronic products to language books, lines, music, and movies, toiletries, vitamins, supplements, and cosmetics, you need to know the costs associated with importation, as well as the local prices. The chances are that you might need a few weeks supply from the US before settling for the local products. If you can bear Costa Rica shipping costs for the luggage, you can use the following means:

Air Cargo

A vast majority of the airlines provides airfreight services to those moving to Costa Rica. You can enjoy the duty-free import service for one item not exceeding $500 in value every six months. Extra goods attract import taxes and require an itemized list to declare their values. The rates of the airline vary based on your State’s proximity to Costa Rica.  

Checked Baggage

If you are keen on bringing a large volume of small items, consider the checked baggage. Used household items and personal items meant for personal use do not attract import duties. Most airlines permit travelers to plastic tubes and cardboard boxes for extra luggage. However, one needs to check with the airlines for the items allowed as checked baggage. Some of the items exempted from import taxes include clothing, sporting items, and musical instruments among others.

Shipping Containers

When it comes to bringing all your possessions to Costa Rica, shipping a container to the country is the ultimate solution. A standard shipping container measures 20-40 feet costs you $6000-$15,000 in delivery fees and import duties. You will take care of the packing and loading the container and the Costa Rica shipping company takes care of maritime transit, local customs, offloading and moving to your destination home. It takes normally 5 weeks to 2 months to get your valuables into the country.
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Should I Ship My Things to Costa Rica?

The first question that comes into mind when thinking of shipping to Costa Rica is should I even do it at all.  The answer to this is not always, it depends on a few different factors.

Can’t Live Without It

You are relocating to a new country but that does not mean that you want to leave everything from your old life behind. You have keepsakes that you have collected over your life that is impossible for you to let go….photos, memoirs, and reminders of the good times in your life. These might be things that you can fit in a suitcase or two and can carry with you on the plane, if that is the case there is no reason to send down a pallet or a container.  But if these things are a bed your grandmother gave you or an armoire passed on through generations, you may need to look into Shipping to Costa Rica.  Material items can be replaced but things that you hold close to your heart need to be taken with you.
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Amount of Items You Are Bringing & Budget

We are going to wrap these two together when it comes to Costa Rica shipping.  If you can fit everything in a few suitcases then bring it on the plane.  This will be more economical than having to ship them to Costa Rica, pay to get them through customs and then pay import taxes on them.  Most of us however if we are moving to another country cannot fit our lives in a few bags.  The two other options are a less than container shipment or full container shipment to Costa Rica.  If you are shipping a lot of boxes and maybe one piece of furniture this can be done normally by palletizing the load and shipping it as a less than container load.  However, if you are bringing several furniture pieces then it can be more cost efficient (you do not have to crate the furniture – a requirement for less than container loads) and safer to get an entire container.

The other factor in this section is budget.  I will not lie it is not cheap to ship to Costa Rica.  For less than container loads it can range between about $2000 and $4000. For full container loads it is about $6500 to $9000 and this is […]

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Shipping to Costa Rica – People deciding on Costa Rica Relocation and shipping to Costa Rica want o know if they should ship their car to Costa Rica or buy another one upon arrival. Although this seems like a straight forward question but the answer is based on many different factors.

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