Costa Rica Shipping – Everyone wants to catch the stunning view of the sun rising over the sea, spend the entire lifetime doing yoga, surfing while enjoying the smooth taste of coconuts. The thought of enjoying your nap in a hammock, owning a jungle for the backyard and buying food from the farmers on the roadside takes you to Costa Rica. The country offers everything in its authentic form, different from what you get in the hectic city life. Before you think of packing your luggage, you need to learn a few thing, perhaps the moving process first.

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The Costa Rica Shipping Manifest

The moving process begins with a detailed analysis of quotes from moving companies, which leads to a few that suits the needs and the budget. In such a case, a local shipping company from Costa Rica with international coverage would be best suited to help you settle in a country you least know, as they understand the regulations. It helps to go beyond the quotations and seek referrals from people that could have used the services to Costa Rica.

Bonded Movers are mandated to pack, label each box with a code and include detailed descriptions of the items contained in the packages on the shipping manifest. You might find ut hard to communicate during the moving process if the staff can only speak Spanish as the first language. You might lose trust in their ability to factor your wishes even when they do everything right. You can avert the situation through hiring your crew that speaks your language or learn Spanish before the moving day.

Costa Rica Shipping Insurance Coverage

While the moving company provides a safety guarantee, it helps to insure the valuable against theft, damage and other calamities. The moving company ought not to restrict clients from insuring the property while on storage and transit. If you find it useful, you could choose from the following insurance covers:

* Basic insurance: the cover is based on the container shipment, paid for by the shipping company. It covers the entire load, hence no cost to the client. In the event of a whip wreck, you valuables are lost.

* By weight: the cover entails insuring for possible losses that could arise during transport and storage. It is quite extensive and hence expensive.

* Valued based cover: it covers the valuables based on the replacement value of the insured items. It is based on the list created during the inventory-taking phase, with the bonded mover facilitating for the insurance. The list includes the insured value of the load and the value of the irreplaceable inventory.

In a journey that is likely to take months, you cannot wish away the potential destruction that comes with frequent handling and transfer. The options might look simple, but it helps to analyze what you need to be insured, perhaps based on value. Taking photos and making detailed descriptions of the most expensive items might save you the struggle when you need to claim for the damages.

When moving to Costa Rica it is of the utmost important you use a Costa Rica shipping company that has feet on the ground in the country. The last thing you want during your relocation to Costa Rica is worrying about your personal items getting there safely. Shipping Costa Rica will make the Costa Rica Shipping process smooth and stress free.

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